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George "Mule" Suttles
mixed media w/found objects
10 x 12
Available for Purchase. Please contact the artist.
Mule Suttles was known for hitting towering home runs. While not as graceful on the field, the right-handed slugger held his own at first base but was paid to hit. He was nicknamed "Mule" for his lumbering strength which he developed working in the coal mines of Birmingham, Alabama. His best years in the Negro Leagues were first with the St Louis Stars and then the Newark Eagles. He swung an incredibly heavy 50 ounce bat and his statistics show that he could hit for average (.420 in 1936) while belting out home runs.

Teammate Willie Wells recalled a monstrous shot that Suttles hit in Havana's Tropical Park, clearing the 60-foot high fence which sat some 500 feet from home plate. The ball sailed over the heads of soldiers on horseback who were behind the fence and was later commemorated with a marker placed at 600 feet.
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Fine art by Phillip Dewey 734-277-3805