Tom Terrific Delivers
Tom Terrific Delivers
oil on canvas
24 x 36
Available for purchase. Please contact the artist.
Tom Seaver was Mr Met. Talented, attractive in looks and personality, he was the face of the Mets for many years and provided a major draw to Shea Stadium starting in 1967 when he won Rookie of the Year. He would throw for 20 years, 11 of them in Flushing, and would retire as the Mets’ all-time wins pitcher with 311 victories, a record that still stands with the club.
The “broadcast eye” perspective in this work gives an indication of how technology began to offer a more intimate-yet-removed, view of the game in the modern era. The high color definition and depth of field focus also created new visual elements which, when translated to a painting, necessitated me adopting a different technique as well.